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From CDAN:

This A list all movie actress recently went through chemotherapy but didn't want to share it with anyone or anyone to know. She says it is the business of no one but her family and her closest friends. Although she would love to say she is cancer free, she isn't and has not decided what kind of treatment she wants to pursue next. For right now at least she feels fine. She continues to look at movies she wants to work in, but says the focus in her life right now is her family and she also said that she is trying to do everything she has always wanted to do but been afraid to try. She says that she is going to do standup comedy soon and that she has lots of dreams she wants to fulfill, but is worried about her family and what will happen to them without her around. At this point she doesn't know if she will share what is going on in her life with anyone or make anything public. She is hoping to win the battle and move on with her life, but realizes that may be harder to do as the disease progresses.

I've got an idea who this might be, based on the bit in bold making me think of someone that recently made a kind of declaration after years of speculation (open secret though).

I sincerely hope I am wrong though, as I really respect and feel affection for this woman, who is well known for needing her privacy and isn't just some zleb, and I agree with others on the thread - it's tasteless.
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