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The Richard III Society have been going on about this for years. Shakespeare's Richard the Third was written as Tudor propaganda, as Richard - a Plantagenet king - was defeated by Elizabeth I's grandfather Henry VII, who was a Tudor. Therefore Richard had to be the hunchbacked, nephew murdering villain in order to satisfy Tudor sensiblities.

Time Team have had that kind of thing, but this was pretty definite in that they were going to find something, as it was the site of the old long demolished Greyfriars Priory and the finding of Richard's skeleton was a bonus.

The words 'The Hunt For....' were in the title every time the trailer's been shown. It's a catch-all title anyway, as it's about the excavation and it would have stood if it had been Richard or not, so yes, it is a bit of an own goal on your part.
Sorry, for what it's worth it isn't an own goal, as I was pointing out the number of programmes where they don't find anything. So this is an exception that proves the rule. At the time I started the thread, I'd no idea one way or another.

The early revelation means that many like me won't bother to watch it. If you've seen one car park and one pile o' bones, then you've seen 'em all. There'll be as much interest for me, as most episodes of Time Team.
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