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Shes booked in for a c section this week because her baby is breech and doctors say her stomach muscles are too strong. So the baby will not be able to turn.]
No according to the Daily Mail her baby is "breached." Dear god, what a bunch of idiots they are.

As for Imogen, it's possible. They might have assessed her for ECV and decided it wasn't worth doing, uterine tone can have an effect on its success. Some women have ridiculously tight stomach muscles, with ECV you have to have a muscle relaxant, and if you've got tight muscles it a.) is less likely to work and b.) would be potentially very uncomfortable for her.

First time mothers with a breech presentation would be recommended to have a c-section. She could have said no and tried to do it vaginally but she would have met with a lot of opposition. Shame really.

So I can't have a go at her for this but I bet she'll be posting pictures of herself on twitter in a bikini 2 days after the birth.
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