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never really liked event horizon..all the elements were there, it was a bit like hellraiser in space the first hour was great but the second half was had some shockingly bad editing.
i would like to see a directors cut one day
That was the “director’s cut”. Paul Anderson screened the film to a dozen people at a private theatre on the lot at Twickenham just prior to sending it to the States. I was there and Anderson was obsessive about keeping to a lean running time rather than adding to the length. He wanted feedback at that screening on where to add some additional music and sound-effects to boost the scares but the cut itself was locked in place and was exactly as he wanted it with no interference from “the suits”, I know because he said so.

Any desire, from him or the studio, to stick stuff back in subsequently is entirely money-driven. The Director’s Cut has been available since day one.
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