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Well maybe they have already donated too . You or I don't know that!. You don't have to give to comic relief it isn't mandatory so can't see why you are moaning. They are 5 young lads who are in a very lucky positon and I think they appreciate that and at least they are not going round beating up old ladies . There are plenty of stories about the rotten youth of today soi am quite happy to read happy stories for a change
Yes, I know they're not beating up old ladies, but I don't think they or any of these talent show products are exactly the best role models for young people today, because at the end of the day they are a manufactured boy band who at the end of the day are in it mostly for the fame and money, and that gives off a message that being rich and famous makes you a better person, which it clearly doesn't. I know you don't have to give to CR, but it's a good cause which is very worth supporting (even if the standard of comedy on Red Nose Night is questionable) I just find it very hypocritical when multi-millionaire celebs come on to tell us so, when at the end of the day, if they could give a fraction of their total wealth to these charities, they could improve the African children's lives AND maintain their lavish lifestyles all in one!
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