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Yes, I know they're not beating up old ladies, but I don't think they or any of these talent show products are exactly the best role models for young people today, because at the end of the day they are a manufactured boy band who at the end of the day are in it mostly for the fame and money, and that gives off a message that being rich and famous makes you a better person, which it clearly doesn't. I know you don't have to give to CR, but it's a good cause which is very worth supporting (even if the standard of comedy on Red Nose Night is questionable) I just find it very hypocritical when multi-millionaire celebs come on to tell us so, when at the end of the day, if they could give a fraction of their total wealth to these charities, they could improve the African children's lives AND maintain their lavish lifestyles all in one!
Have you checked all 5 members yearly accounts? How do you know that they don't give anything to Charity? You should not assume that they don't give anything unless you have site of their books. The proceeds of the next single are also going to Charity so your assumption is partly wrong.
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