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Well, I am suspicious that I've been mis-sold and signed up to the wrong package. So I thought I'd ring BT to clarify details.

OMG, ringing them is like banging your head against a brick wall. I rang them on 0800 800 150 and apparently spoke to Jay Singh (after going through more automated menus than I care for).

I was told Infinity 1 (40gb). I told him about the 3 previous sales calls and he said all he could do was cancel the order and that I could then re-order if I wished.

If I did that I'd have to sign up for a more expensive package. Which is out of the question (I'll just stick with my current provider if thats the case).

What do I do? Jay Singh said he'd send an e-mail to the guy I originally spoke to asking him to ring me. I asked him to just put me through so I could speak to him but nope, can only send an e-mail.

The whole thing has just left me wondering if I want to go with them (even at the right price).

I basically spend 22 minutes on the 'phone was wasn't told anything that I couldn't read of their web-site.

Obviously atm the engineer visit is arranged and I'm expecting the hub to arrive Friday.
The automated menus are changing to voice activated ones this year. Possibly Spring I have been told.

In regards to infinity offer you got. Why not try sales again or the customer option teams for the best offers?
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