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I thought they got it just about right to be honest. In a way a programme about amateur astronomy should basically be outside, rather than in a studio and moving around the country or even the world if the budget stretch's to that. Not sure about the laughter at the end, probably relief they had done the show.

I think Patrick would have wanted them to focus on the astronomy, maintain the amateurish production and most of all try and get younger people interested in astronomy. I'm sure he would have preferred to be out and about and looking at the sky himself, as he did in his early days. The studio is great for events such as the moon landings, but for observation there is a danger of it just becoming another trendy science show.

Patrick probably planned for this, for a long time with his producers and expected Chris to host the programme. It would be odd having Chris sitting in Patricks chair at Farthings though and I think they might have thought that that format would not work.
Yes I think it was fine, they may well use a studio for episodes where they perhaps want to do something that needs a studio but Pete and Paul will still do their bit outside and Chris will do his stuff.
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