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Becky Sharpe
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What I find very difficult to understand is the comment in today's diary: "She had suddenly become very thin: her neck is concave, her withers exposed, and I can feel every rib"

"Suddenly" ?? When did either Liz or Nic actually look at Lizzie last?
3 February 2013^ and see: 15 January 2012... Lizzie the horse 'suddenly' becomes ill at opportune moments, imho. LJ's decided to give mothers a rest this week, focusing instead on trolling animal lovers. If she can sell most of her human brethren down the river, why not 'exploit' her pets? I tend to agree with an earlier poster who suggested that LJ operates in cycles: obnoxious->my animals are dying, therefore I'm a lovely person -> obnoxious, etc.
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