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Sorry missed this earlier, there's loads and loads of books about Richard III from both sides of the argument. Probably the least controversial is David Baldwin's Richard III which presents both sides of the debate with equal fairness. He was a lecturer at the University of Leicester for quite a while as well Royal Blood by Bertram Field is also an excellent one to read.

Other ones which I have in my (somewhat extensive collection) include Annette Carson's Richard III: The Maligned King, Peter Hancock's Richard III and the Murder in the Tower (which looks at the execution of Sir William Hastings), Richard III by Paul Murray Kendall, Richard III by Michael Hicks and Anne Weir's written a couple of books (although she's a bit of a Tudor apologist imho) about both Richard and the Princes in the Tower and I found myself wanting to hurl her The Princes
in the Tower out of the window after the first chapter.
Any one of
these books on the Amazon
best sellers list would be worth reading imho (ignore the
duplicate entries for multiple formats!)
Wow!! Thank you
I'm going to enjoy immersing myself in this subject for a while.

damianswife - that sounds a good novel, too... Think I'm going to end up spending a fortune!
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