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From Dagospia in Italy. Translated by Google Translate so it's quite literal so some words might not make sense or be in the right order.

"Which world famous Olympian is playing two girls side by side? Miss A lives in this sportsman's home country. Miss B is from a different country but a frequent visitor to his. Miss B knows Miss A is a long time friend but thinks she's nothing more than that. Miss A doesn't know of Miss B though it appears Miss B is known to others in his circle of friends. Both have been "dating" him since late 2012 and both think they are his girlfriend."
Based on Twitterings since around November time, plus the Dagospia not being the only Italian site/publication to suggest this, a certain person spending a lot of the year in Italy and one of the rumoured ladies having an Italian name (though I believe she's actually British), I think I have an idea who this is .......... and I wouldn't even consider myself to be sharp as a blade.
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