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The lady who ran my NCT group said she encountered a ballet dancer whom had such tight stomach muscles that she would never be able to give birth normally so she ended up having a C-section. She also said 'fight tooth and nail against induction' I was induced because I had diabetes - baby was not ready to come out and I ended up having an epideral and a C-section. It wasn't what I wanted but at the end of the day my daughter is now fine which is what happened.
Glad your daughter is ok

I also had a C-section, but nothing to do with my supposedly strong stomach muscles. I had an emergency one whilst unconscious as my son had got his cord wrapped round his neck.
As others have said, it is a major operation. I've not given birth naturally or even had contractions, so I'm not making a comparison between the two, but the idea that some people have that a section is easy, is not true.
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