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She seems to have perhaps a muddled recollection of things - maybe she'd claim it was the scandal that brought back repressed memories allowing her to identify him, although most people would likely be sceptical of that (ie. it may seem a bit convenient).

I do think your mind can play tricks, especially if your thinking back to very traumatic times I'd imagine - it may be hard to distinguish the full truth. It may not be done with any kind of malicious intent or they may not even realise that their memories aren't accurate necessarily, I suppose...who knows.

I keep editing this post as I can't decide whether to mention things or not, its kind of doing my head in(!) someone should just say if im talking about myself too much...seems annoyingly selfish and darn long posts(!)

I sometimes wonder who reads the thread (apart from forum members). Yes, she's welcome to register and post if she'd like to I guess, why not.
It could be she repressed memories of him and the scandal brought them all back. There is no way to know.

I know memory is a dangerous territory and it can play tricks on us. I'm not prone to exaggerations but there were two or three I remembered things that didn't happen at all
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