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You've got to say Cilla has some front, she must know the rumours about her, particularly from air-port crews.

Obviously she threw in that she was BIGGER than this other star
She usually does. In all recent interviews where I've been unfortunate enough to catch her, she doesn't fail to throw in how successful she was in comparison with her contemporaries of the day. She feigns surprise ('surprise surprise! ) and comes out with something like "Oh, I was told the other day that I outsold...[insert 'x' female singer of the 1960s]." Sometimes, her interviewer will throw it in "Oh, did you know that you had more hits than...?" and it makes me a bit suspicious that they might have been 'primed' to say it in the pre-interview blurb because they know it will flatter her ego and get her talking.

Someone ought to tell her that bigger ain't necessarily better and that some of her contemporaries of the day blew her out of the water, vocally. She did used to have a half-decent voice but it was nowhere near the quality of people such as Dusty Springfield, Dionne Warwick and even Petula Clark. As the years went by, her voice got harsher and harsher 'til it sounded something like a constipated hen being chased with an axe.
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