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TULISA. I have an indescribable amount of hate for her. The worst thing is, I don't even know why. She just annoys me in every way; even looking at a picture of her makes my blood boil.

Taylor Swift - just because the whole 'butter-wouldn't-melt' act got tired a long time ago. I only dislike her though haha.

Emeli Sande - can I put her in the 'dislike but also like' section? I LOVE her music, been to see her live etc, but it got to a point last year where literally every time I turned on the radio, TV, read a magazine etc, there Emeli was. Put me off her for a little bit.

Cilla Black - just because she's Cilla Black and is universally hated.

Katie Price - see 'Cilla Black' for details.

Imogen Thomas - she slept with a married man (who is just as bad) and has milked it ever since, as well as not even having a job, unless you count posing for staged photo ops. I'd love to have her job of not having a job and receiving huge amounts of money from it.

Harry Styles - seems to think he's the big 'I Am.'
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