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I've run into Damon Hill at motorsport events a few times. Although I've never actually spoken to him, he always seems very "normal" and is happy to wander through the crowds and mix with people. There is also something quite attractive about him in real life that doesn't come over on screen.

Sadly, some F1 drivers are not nice. Ralf Schumacher is a right royal pain in the backside with very bad manners. Michael Schumacher is polite, but aloof. Jenson Button is rather self-important, although he hasn't always been like this.

Away from motorsport, on Saturday, my mum and I got shoved out of the way in a theatre we'd paid to get into, because HRH The Princess Simon Cowell was making an entrance, and all the little people needed to be out of the way.
Interesting. I've also met Jenson Button and he was really nice. Spent a lot of time being friendly. The person I'm not keen on is Jason Plato who always comes across as really smug, but I know a couple of people who say he's great. I think it just comes down to who you meet on the day.
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