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Have stayed away from season 2 on Blu-ray due to the awful work done on it by the third party effects house that CBS gave the work to. General consensus seems to be that CBS will have to redo season 2 themselves at some point as much of it so bad that it can't possibly be left as it is.
I've got two episodes left to watch on the Season 2 Blu Ray and it really isn't as bad as has been made out, the SFX on the establishing planet shots aren't quite as good as the Season 1 set, and there are a few scenes where there appears to be more film grain than in others, but it isn't distracting at all (the first episode is the worst for the grain, after that it settles down), it certainly doesn't need re-doing by CBS, and i wouldn't wait on them to re-do it either because i highly doubt that they will.
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