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Mag cover, KP says "It's exciting being strangers - don't move your stuff in!"
The article says she doesn't want his clutter so has told him to leave most of his stuff at his mums. quote "It’s a new beginning, I don’t want his things cluttering up my place – I’ve only just got rid of all Leo’s s**t!’”
welcome to you're new home
I also liked this bit
The source adds: “Katie wants him to help out with the household chores, such as cooking for her, doing the grocery shopping, laundry and putting out the bins. She’s also demanding that Kieran makes her cups of tea in the morning and that he’s not to wake her up if she decides to sleep in. She says he will also need to feed her animals and be in charge of clearing up any dog poo.”
Chief dog poo clearer upper and bin man. Sounds like he's fallen on his feet, lucky boy
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