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I thought that too.

I posted this link earlier.

These were the popular UK bands in the thirties and I mean popular.

It was what the public wanted and the band in the drama wouldn't have got a look in.

Jazz records by Afro/American bands were few and far between in the thirties especially in the UK and it's doubtful that the reporter would have had so many. They weren't something "you could nip into HMV's and buy." They'd have to brought over from someone from America.
That's not to say this couldn't be an enjoyable drama series for many, but it just doesn't "sound right." So I won't be watching any more of it.

I'm no music expert but I felt the musical arrangements were too "modern" for the era.

The name Leslie Hutchinson has been mentioned as the basis for the 'Louis' character.

This is him performing in 1933

This is the sort of music that cafe society was listening to.
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