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Awe bless.She is still playing the same old tune "I might be preggers......" but being Jordan she has to up the ante by claiming twins. If she is pregnant ,whatever. If she isn't ,whatever .... Same old desperation ploys for headlines. Freak.
And Alex has basically confirmed what many believed (that she is all "come & get me boys"! till she has them hooked,then zilch bedroom action) by saying "The sex was amazing at first but it fizzled out.She used sex as a weapon.After maybe 6 months we just stopped having it"
And from Leo---He said she was insatiable at first,"but would rather spend all day googling her name" once they got serious.

Hmm, Andre did well getting into actual years then . He must have been doing something right.
And Alex again"Don't get too comfy with fame either Kieran .When I won BB I got a request to do a mag interview on my own,but Katie said no.----she looked at me & said "it isn't all about you.You'll never be as famous as me."----it was like the breath was kicked out of me."
So,just as was suspected back then,she held the guy back so she could have the spotlight.What a freak she is.
Totally agree janna - especially the BiB's.

I've always said she uses sex to reel 'em in, then once she has them hooked it all fizzles out. She's made millions from being a 'sex object' *cough*, but I'd lay money on when she's actually doing the dirty deed, she lies there like a haddock on a fishmonger's slab.

I give it until Easter, and maybe not even that long. Eventually, no man will want her and she'll grow old and bitter all on her own.
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