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Oh gosh, what does this thread have to do with Beckham? Why on earth is it a competition for some? So Beckham is donating for charity, good for him, wonderful!

This is a really good idea from Shakira. Instead of going with the selling baby pics and donating the money to some charity herself, she is encouraging people to get involved and informed themselves, without being preachy or forceful about it. Also, her fans might want to (and so many do) send her personal gifts for her baby she will never need, so this way her fans will be giving a gift for her baby, sort of.

She has been doing charity work actively since she was 18 years old, and I think her charty has opened at least 6 schools for unprivileged children in Colombia.
BIB - Well said. How sad that a charitable gesture is used as a point-scoring exercise.

This is such a lovely and meaningful way to celebrate new life. Well done to them.
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