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I think I will stop reading this thread as it attracts the usual moaners about every episode being average and so on.

The lack of pages indicates the majority sit and enjoy it for what it is good enteraintment on a Sunday evening.

These posts spoil the show for me. So what if its an average episode I think the same can be said for most TV show debates in this part of the forum. And yes the first two episodes have been just ok but it's still the best thing on TV by a mile.

I say just enjoy the programme.
I don't see why if you're happy with an episode that someone else who didn't should then spoil your enjoyment.

As you say the same can be said with other shows and not everyone will be satisfied be it due to their own preferences or what has happened in the show itself, or a mixture of the two. Even with a highly watched show, someone is bound not to like it and unless you're part of the show's production, you shouldn't take it personally.

As far as I can see, it's not 'the usual moaners', it's people who do enjoy the show but found that this episode lacked something - as I did. There's nothing wrong with that; that's what you get on a discussion forum, people's own opinion and it may not be always positive all the time, i.e I love love the comedy Fraiser but there are a handful of episode where I could kick in a character, or the script's a little limp, or whatever.
That said though I could possibly understand your point if it was posts spitting vile sentiments about the programme week-by-week. .
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