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I guess most of our memories are more and less accurate. Of course, there are things we're not 100% sure, and we have to use the imagination a little bit to "fill the holes". but, otherwise, our memories are ok. Don't need to be annoyed or worried by it.
Yes I think so. Its not like im really annoyed or worried about it as such, its just slightly unnerving, since obviously you'd like to not have to question what you remember but some things from a long time ago aren't very clear. I think perhaps in a way your more likely to remember emotions felt than actual clear visual memories, that sticks in your mind more, if that makes sense?.

Curious. My friend's grandfather (98!) suffered a stroke last year and has lost temporal awareness. He is very sharp in many ways and can distinguish between "this has happened" and "this is going to happen in the future". He can tell you that David Cameron is the PM at the moment, and with some prompting could probably work out more or less how long it has been since the last election. But that's the thing: he has to "work it out".

I couldn't tell you exactly when the general election was without thinking hard about it, but I know that I had a banana for breakfast this morning, and I instinctively know that the general election was much longer ago than this morning. He can't do that since the stroke. According to my friend, the consultant looking after his grandfather said that this loss of temporal awareness is very common as a result of even quite minor head trauma, but usually lasts for only a few days or weeks in younger people. As one gets older, the time it takes to recover temporal instincts gets longer.

The brain is a funny thing.
Its interesting the differentiation between short and long term memory. Its peculiar what you sometimes remember, like I can remember clearly some things from the past which seem not very important, you wonder why is it I can barely remember when I won an award or some important ocassion but I can remember really random things which don't seem half as important? I remember when I was a toddler and me and my parents went on holiday to Cornwall (one time during American Independence Day and they had flags up for it for some reason?) but I don't remember a long holiday to France, my first holiday abroad, which must have seemed alot more exciting surely? and I was slightly older then, so you'd think I would but I don't.

Lately the worst memory issue for me is when I take a pill and then a couple of minutes later I'll suddenly go blank and think did I just take it or not? the days aren't marked on them so its very hard to tell by glance - I hate that! I just go blank and can't remember and it was only like two minutes ago lol thats such an embarrassing moment. I must be getting old
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