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If we're talking about the same guy, the girl on that show was his previous girlfriend who he finished with just days after that show was broadcast because he found out she'd been (allegedly) sleeping with another guy or guys while he was away.

The Miss A and Miss B stories I've read on various sites and though some things are phrased slightly differently, a lot of the details are the same and seem to point in the same direction.

The things all the rumours/reports/gossip on the several sites have in common is that Miss A has been a friend of his for years and spent those years unconvincingly denying she had anything other than platonic feelings for him, because he'd always had a girlfriend or other in the years she'd known him, but she jumped straight in as soon as Miss TV was out of the picture. However, he'd met Miss B as a work acquaintance while still with Miss TV and started seeing her soon after splitting with Miss TV. The general consensus is that Miss B is the true object of his affections but she's a bit of a free spirit who doesn't want a relationship and in the meantime Miss A is a more than willing friend with benefits.
Sorry,but I haven't got a clue who your talking about? Can we not have any more hints?
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