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I just finished the course thankfully, though I might have to go on something elese later but we'll see. The packets I used to take were marked with the days (as it was just one a day) so it was much easier to track but these ones weren't and your supposed to take them 3 times a day. I know my grandparents have one of those organiser packs, something like that would have been useful but as I was only taking them temporarily I didn't think it was worth asking about really. I wrote out a page in a notebook with all the times I had to take them, with a box to tick afterwards but when I suddenly questioned if I'd taken it, was before I'd got to the notebook to tick the blooming thing off! typical lol.

Best way to check is maybe by how much water is left in the glass, I suppose but thats saying you remember how much there was originally *doh* im pretty sure I got it right in the end, lets hope(!). I only forgot or questioned it maybe two or three times, which isn't bad going considering.

Its the same thing as walking upstairs then stopping suddenly, thinking 'why did I come up here again?' ahh noooo lol
I read somewhere the other day that you only have to worry when you can't remember whether you were going upstairs or downstairs at the time. Not a scientific fact, just joking.

It happens just as much when you have a lot going on in your mind, as when you have very little.
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