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In what sense am I ignorant?

He still chooses to go down that route. Plainly he must understand that it's destroying his life, but If he showed more willpower, he would be able to quit that addiction, however hard that process might be. But he chooses not to.

If his life isn't worth enough to him to quit, why should I care? most people struggle through life, with very little to show for it. Very little money, and most of them didn't turn to drink.

Why should I feel sorry for a wife-beating millionare, who was lucky enough to be given a gift in life for football, lucky enough to be good at something that he could make a very good living from it? He was given every advantage in life and threw it away. I feel sorry for those people who suffer through life on very little money, and don't turn to drink. millions of faceless people who don't get the publicity Gazza gets.

Other alcoholics like Tony Adams have managed to quit, why can't Gazza? probably because theres something inside him that's driven to self-destruction. But if he can't recognise that and take whatever measures to quit for good, I have very little sympathy.
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