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it's no doubt a sign of the times that a new Sly Stallone film doesn't get the media coverage it once did. In fact with the recent bombing of Arnie's The Last Stand, and the fact that Bruce Willis is still flogging the Die Hard franchise to a slow and painful death, this could be the year that the plug finally gets pulled on the eighties action heroes.

If you are a fan of the kind of OTT action films of the eighties however, this one doesn't really disappoint.
Director Walter Hill pays homage to these films with a fun, action-orientated flick.

Stallone looks good for his age, considering, and has a number of nice one liners he gets to deliver.

The biggest pay-off though is in the action scenes; they're deliciously brutal and really make an impact.

The weak link in this particular chain is Sly's Sidekick, played by Sung Kang, who's just a bit wetter than a damp flannel.

Overall all though, a film that deserves a little more attention than it's currently getting.

review here.
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