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He does not have Bipolar and he most certainly does not have Tourettes (I'm a mental health worker with knowledge) Bipolar is chucked around these days for anyone who complains of mood swings and behaves badly.
What he is - and is is not his fault, is spectacularly thick. He has also been very badly advised and picked the wrong 'friends' in the past.

Alcoholism is an addiction - but there are successful non-drinking alcoholics. I have both professional and personal knowledge of this. I was married to an alcoholic and lived with him for 17 years - 12 sober (but alcohol determined our social life) and the last 5 years drinking. I tried everything and he paid lip service to wanting to stop - in the end he chose the liquid over me and everything; we divorced. He died 18 months later at 46 of liver disease.

I feel no guilt - an alcoholic is an arch manipulator, he pulled friends and strangers into his self pitying poor me world. Alcohol is a major depressant. When he was sober he was a lovely man - drinking he was almost evil.

Gazza will not stop drinking until he wants to - no amount of friends rallying around will change that
Oh dear.
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