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Is this meant to be satirical in some way, or just laugh out loud funny?

$700m gross? I just puddled laughing so hard. Darkness will probably take less than the last film (about $375m from memory) due to all the fans who didn't like it not giving Abrams another hearing. The "problem" is that the film is Star Trek. It's that simple. The film could be exceptionally good, but it won't even register on the radar of most cinema goers because of its label.

If Paramount calls the film Transformers: In To Darkness, then you're looking at a billion dollar gross.
Yes, the same "fans" who will moan on Internet forums about how they're boycotting the film but in actual fact will be first in line on release day anyway because its Star Trek.

I don't know if it will double the 2009 films gross, but you're crazy if you think that it'll do less. The 3D and IMAX factor alone will see that it outdoes it's predecessor. Plus, I think you're underestimating how much the 2009 film has appealed to non-Trekkies in the time since its release, I know people who can't stand the "geeky" pre-Abrams TV shows/movies but loved the 2009 film.
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