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I'm certain we mean the same man haha
Ooh I didn't know about Miss A allegedly having cheated. Hmmm it's definitely interesting. Especially if other people are now saying its not him...
Miss A didn't. Miss TV (the girl on TV show) allegedly did. Neither Miss A nor Miss B are the girl on the TV show.

Is there a rather big awards ceremony coming up that shares his name?
That's right. BAFTA

I thought they were saying it was? My head hurts

Interesting and I really do think I know who you're getting at because of your first paragraph but I think you're barking up the wrong tree (or should I say I don't think your idea has a leg to stand on? ).

That guy has been seeing a reality TV contestant/lads mag "model" for about three months and she seems to well and truly have her feet under the table. Not that I don't wish this wasn't about that guy. They have to be the most annoying couple on Twitter with their silly games that they think keep people guessing, and on three occasions in three months she's thrown a wobbly and slagged him off on there and she often comes across as mentally unstable. Weird relationship.
That's as maybe and I'm not denying the mag girl (who I'd say is Miss A) but an Italian site, he spends half the year in Italy and Miss B is known to have Italian connections. I rest my case.
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