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Brilliant film and stunning acting from the eldest son.
Tissues were needed, but not as much as I thought ( and I'll unashamedly cry at anything) People have said it's too soon to make a movie about the Tsunami, it doesn't portray the horror or Thai suffering etc.
I couldn't disagree more. It moved me a lot and it WAS one families true story. You couldn't convey the horror involved, so many tragedies, so much loss of life. Keeping it true, keeping it to one small microcosm of the events, made it seem horribly real. 8/10 for me

Like I said in the other thread, the product placement at the end of the film was cheeky and gratuitous, and Naomi was upstaged by Lucas whenever they were put together in the same scene ........<snip>

Regarding this film some might point out the all-white leading roles in an Asian disaster film. I somehow saw Asians being portrayed as heroes so there was no big deal about it.
^^^^^ This. So agree. I'd love to have seen the boy get a nod for best supporting actor. If a 9 year old can get a nomination why cant he?
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