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This has been covered before i think, but it hasn't wiped out the old timeline. The original timeline still exists, and this new timeline couldn't exist without the old one due to "old Spock's" involvement in the events of Star Trek 2009. The future in the new timeline will be different, but the old TOS/TNG/DS9/Voyager timeline is still valid as all the events in that timeline lead to the new one.
I know - I'm just joking

Anyway, we can still pretend that Enterprise was just a really bad Holodeck programme

[Although thinking back to the various TV series, I think the treatment of time travel was rather inconsistent, and IIRC sometimes it was shown to create a separate parallel timeline as in the film, with the original still existing, while other times it was "Back to the Future" style, with a single re-writeable timeline]

Oh Mathew, I really expected better from you.
How so?
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