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I don't think it is just about amateur astronomy. I mostly watch it for up-to-date news on Mars probes, cosmology, orbiting telescopes etc, from all around the world. If it focussed too much on things we could do at home, that would be tantamount to dumbing down.
The second programme in a row where they have people, not even genuine amateur astronomers, with instruments they don't know what to do with, to show them how to open the box. Down with this sort of thing I mean asking if it was ok to just tie the solar filter over the end of the tube! Really!!

I'd prefer to see it go back closer to the old style, with news about new advances and discoveries, but mainly covering a different topic in depth each month. Oh and if there has to be long and short versions each month, and the short version absolutely has to be shown first, why not add the extras on in the last 10 minutes of the repeat, so it's more convenient to watch it?

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