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SO DO I! I have often felt that he was being a bit discriminated against socre wise - not because of his ethniticity but because he can be playful and joke and doesn't take himself to seriously. There seems to be an overload of chefs who take themselves way to seriously.

Also, he actually makes food that I would eat and not pick through the black pudding, kidneys, liver, etc.

Go TONY!!! Loved the spam..and as for the rock - jeez - it is very very of the momment! actually a bit behind the momment it's been around for years!. mark saying he was worried the punts wouldn't cook the fish properly. Hey.... they will... they won't eat it practially raw like alot of the meat you all cook.. Hello!!!!

Okay - i admit I'm a philistine when it comes to some of the food these chefs charge a fortune for...
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