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What a nasty, bitter rant.

The man is an addict who, unlike Tony Adams, also has mental health issues - bi-polar, depression and perhaps Tourette's. i only hope that if you ever have mental problems that someone's there to help you. Why should you care? There but for the grace of god goes any of us......

I do have mental health problems actually. I suffer from depression and panic attacks, I have most of my life.

That doesn't mean that I have no sympathy for people who also suffer from them. Far from it, I have more understanding of those who like me suffer from this condition.

but unlike others who have posted on this thread, I do not consider it an illness, I consider it a condition. An illness is something you have no control over- an addiction is something different. it's a condition.

Gazza (and those who suffer from alcoholism) is in a prison right now. but thats a prison that he can escape from, however difficult it may seem to be. thats why I don't really feel sorry for him.

There are plenty of people in this world who are in a prison that for whatever reason they can't escape from. Gazza isn't in that state. he CAN escape, just that he chooses not to. therefore my sympathy is somewhat lacking.

however limited his intelligence, he should have enough self-awareness to know that if you suffer from mental health problems, then drinking is the worst possible thing that you can do, and it will only magnify those problems.

believe me i'm fully acquainted with alcoholics. I know this guy who's best friends with jeb bush. He was in the C.I.A. about thirty years ago. He was an alcoholic for 20 years. He finally realised he had a problem when he shot his gun into his ceiling so that his neighbour would quieten down.

The same day he had to have his stomach pumped after drinking vodka for 48 hours straight. And I also realise that alcoholics can only go cold turkey with certain drugs- otherwise theres a good chance they'll die.

So i'm fully versed with the problems of alcoholism. But am I sorry for Gazza, a millionare who's had every chance in life- if i'm honest, no i'm not. I don't see where that sympathy is going to get him, or any of the other faux sympathy on this thread- what the guy needs is a good kick up the backside.
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