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I wouldn't stay there! What do you expect when you furnish your room out of the argos catalogue and charge over 90 per night? Those beds are suitable for a 16 year old on his own but for couples...pfffttt - i know my child has one! lol. The mattresses that 'come with' are crap.

Brekkie looked good - pity we weren't able to judge how much time there was before everyone was served but it didn't look like everyone else had scarfed it down before all the plates were on the table.

No matter - Louis needs to have an attitude adjustment. People don't appreciate Argos funiture as luxury Louis. They just don't. sorry.

Looked at the pine furniture and thought...hmmmmmm, large pot of Farrow and Ball shade of white paint required and quickly. Then it would look all shabby chic rather than just shabby
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