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It's cringeworthy, isn't it?

Especially The Posts That Are Written Like This For Some Bizarre Reason OR EVEN LIKE THIS.

Whilst I obviously don't subscribe to the idea that ITV is in crisis, I do find some of the excuses being made for its underperforming shows amusing. Apparently Dancing on Ice is down this year because it's been "overshadowed by Splash."
The usual suspects are always there, just waiting to attack anyone who makes the slightest criticism of ITV. Should TXF show a hefty loss this year again, then the ITVistas will probably claim BBC fanboys and snobs have an agenda to wreck the show, even though it probably is now in its twilight years and people have had enough.
Anyway how come the Superbowl gets over half of the American population watching when our equivalent, the FA Cup final, attracts about 7 million.
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