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That's my feeling too - a gem in every episode! Rory locking the car was priceless! I don't care that old jokes are recycled because the pleasure in the show is knowing the jokes are old and Brendan looking at the camera so you know what's coming next just adds to that moment.

I loved the Greased Lightning ending too - so not typical BBC! The whole cast and crew seem to have a ball with the show and it's a joy to see that.

PS Didn't mind the new kitchen units. but that blue was awful LOL!

PPS I still wish she'd go back to saying feckin instead of f*ckin though.
The new kitchen is gone anyway (destroyed by Rory).....we'll be back to the old one again for the Christmas specials

There were some great moments this series....personal faves were Dermot and Buster as Ken & Barbie, Agnes stripping in front of the priest while hypnotised, her orgasmic experience with the mobile phone and her encounter with the swingers

Agree about the swearing but a lot of the time Agnes seems to be saying 'buckin' instead of the F word.
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