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Christina Ricci- looked like she was going to be big but has faded a bit in recent years
Jennifer Connelly- beautiful and talented actress
Jennifer Jason Leigh- very versatile and little known
Lori Petty- looked like she was going to be big in the 90s (Point Break, A League of their own, Free Willy) but than Tank Girl ruined it for her
Thora Birch- looked set for big things after Ghost World and American Beauty and squandered her success on rubbish
Mira Sorvino
Vinessa Shaw
Martha Plimpton - great in everything she has done but not conventionally attractive enough to be a leading lady
Karen Allen- so good in Raiders of the Lost Ark and Scrooged
Phoebe Cates- sort of her own fault for retiring but she was great in the 80s
Correct me if I'm wrong but did Mira Sorvino win an Oscar back in the 90s? Also, Martha Plimpton is in the TV show Raising Hope
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