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I don't agree that Gazza is a "complete loser"

He's a brilliant footballer- one of the best of his generation. Certainly the best of his generation from these isles, by a long way.

Sadly his talents with a football don't exactly seem to have corresponded to the brain department. Perhaps that's part of his charm.

As I said before, the reason I don't feel sorry for Gazza is that he's a law unto himself- he could still find a way out of his prison. Plenty of other people suffer with depression and alcohol related problems and find a way out of that. It might be hard, but life is hard.

The people I do feel sorry for are the people who can do little about their fate- the cancer victims, those inflicted with H.I.V., victims of human rights abuses. Acid attack victims in Pakistan. Why feel sorry for people who can still change their lives, their destiny? It's not as if Gazza is dead.

People seem to claim on this thread that an alcoholic or addict is helpless- I don't agree. You still have your sober moments. It's difficult but there's still a chance to break free.
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