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Reckon it's what Raisin Boy wants at any rate! But to what end? For the first time in a while, the question "where is Jessica Hyde" seemed to be a simple, straight one. Note that Letts and Assistant knew exactly where she was-do they always? And that Arby would have killed anyone else he found there-but the gang got out with seconds to spare. The fates clearly have a different end in mind for them..

They've definitely reigned in this side of the story this week, yet they've taken a huge step forwards in their role. Suddenly the one who is clear thinking seems to be Arby..he's like an alcoholic after the mists have cleared. But I have no idea where he's going with this, other than the fact that he's read the manuscript-and I expect Jessica features in it as well as him.

He was looking rather smug, as if he has the knowledge that Jessica so desperately wants-but he seems to want to help her. He was meant to kill her-but he didn't, and has turned against his handlers. Letts had to give up a lot to him to escape with his life.

Whilst Arby is exploring his new-found feelings, our Jess appears to be having something of a major malfunction..was it just me or could I hear fuses blowing during the scene with Ian?!? She still seems to be playing something of a Machiavellian role-she gets Ian to call Milner. Other than that, she just seems to be going totally Bladerunner still to me! She's constantly trying to explore human emotions as if she isn't human...see Coldplay scene

Speculative Becky Theory follows:

Great post once again, Gatehouse.

Yes, I think Arby can now foresee upcoming events involving himself and Jessica (possibily even the gang), because he has read the comic. The comic has enlightened him to his purpose. Arby is almost like an artificial intelligent robot that has gained self-awareness.

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