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I could listen to DB all day.
Agreed. He's a marvellous breath of fresh air.

Also agree about him being better on radio but he's still pretty good on TV - I'll live with his slight discomfort with the medium.

I love discussions like this where people talk for a better understanding of a subject as opposed to being pitched against each other on polarised extremes.

Even Clarkson was bearable.

Add this to the Stuart Maconie's documentary about 1962 and an interesting picture is being built about the changes in recording techniques, production capabilities and differences between then and now.

Yes, some of it can be a bit pretentious but no more than numerous other aspects of our pop culture, sport or social behaviours. Is football, as Shankley said not a question of life or death but far more important than that or 22 blokes chasing a pig's bladder around? On reflection, probably both

Sent Baker a tweet via his 5Live show page but it will probably get merged with, I assume, many others in the BBC machine.

Also love Baker's side kick Danny Kelly on Talksport - broadcasting with brains which creates laughter and new insight while definately getting the gray matter going.
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