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That is a really nice way to put it. I have joined in with the micky taking here but - I admit you are absolutely right. Richard, whatever historians may say, was human and whenever you see historical human remains exhumed from some place in other docus there is a sense of respect (in fact the professor who recreated his face was on a series where they built the faces of anonymous people and it was always a hushed moment of reverence when the "person" was revealed). Philippa really saw her beloved Richard in those bones, that was for a scientist difficult to empathise with.

It is interesting that many Ricardians are women. They fall in love with the idea that a good king should be so terribly maligned and have mud splattered all over his reputation when actually he was innocent. It's the mother instinct probably but the borderline mother / lover thing is phenomenal. They love him, want to protect him, want to resurrect his good name. Cry tears over him. It has a life of its own this thing.
Although I agree with this mostly, the bit in bold reminds me of women who marry men on death row. They know he's supposed to have done bad things, but he's innocent/redeemed/misunderstood etc. Like Richard, they are completely inaccessable, and so are not going to come along and destroy any illusion built up around them.
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