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I think their "wonderful relationship" disintegrated when Fern made her public confession about having a gastric band on TV with PS having to stand beside her, looking at her and not daring to look at the camera. That really was cringeworthy.

At least Fern had the guts to confess on live tv, which is more than that pompous coward Schofield did when he left it up to Ruth to apologise for what he had screwed up on.

Schofield showing that list to Cameron ended up with someone being wrongly accused of being a paedophile - which is a thousand times worse than someone being duped into buying loads of Ryvita in the hope of losing some weight.

One thing's for sure imo, TM is never as good as when PS and FB presented it. I loved their giggling, it really was funny and genuine - I never get that with PS and HW, it always seems forced.

A classic Fern n Phil moment
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