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Because he has a box full of vaccine on him?

And if he's a red herring, what was Munroe? You're probably right, but there's enough left for me to hang onto yet-especially if Grant goes "hang on a minute..what did you say your name was?"
I think the Mr Rabbit and Vaccine plots will tie in together. The gang will use Letts to stop the Network's scheme whilst simultaneously tracking down Mr Rabbit, hence wrapping up both plots. Letts' capture has happened so the characters can achieve those two goals in my view.

I think both Letts and Munroe are red herrings. I'm not totally sure of course, but I just think Letts is way TOO obvious. Munroe as we know has been ruled out, so I don't think he's Mr Rabbit.
I bet you I'm wrong and Letts will turn out to be Mr Rabbit though . Sometimes it's always the obvious answer.
Yes, good point about Grant - I could imagine him saying that . If Letts wasn't captured to lead them to Mr Rabbit, then I think he is Mr Rabbit and the gang will learn his true identity. But I really hope he isn't lol. I want it to be someone we haven't met. I suppose we'll have wait and see if Letts has a Chinese character on his belly
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