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We should have a sweepstake on first major character to pop their clogs!

Dugdale-not in a happy place
Ian-still feels a bit too innocent, likely to make a fatal error
Becky-she's very poorly
Wilson-he's been through too much already, surely? But I thought he looked close to breaking point this week.
Alice-as with Wilson, she's possibly come through too much, and is now after all Death's Anointed Avenging Angel..
Grant-too cool, he'd just jump out of a nearby window anyhoo
Arby-a noble death in the Cause of Righteousness surely awaits him, but in Ep 6, not 5
Jessica-possibly unkillable, one way or another...
Donaldson-found down a rabbit hole after overdosing on coke and hookers
Letts-in theory the most in danger, but too smart, too manipulative, too important.
Milner-again I can see her goose potentially getting cooked in Ep 6, not 5.
Dugdale's Wife-is rape off the agenda now she has the home movies?
Geoff-too evil not to suffer a "yes, get IN THERE" comeuppance in Ep 6? Hopefully at Dugdale's hands

At this stage, my vote would go to...Donaldson or Dugdale.
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