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And T.K-yes, it's either a very obvious one where we the audience (that are paying a mere soupcon of attention-there are plenty of people who missed Letts and went for Lee!) are "in" on it, but nobody else is, or its an obvious red herring. Time will tell. It was a weak device making Grant forget the name in the first place, and I'm not sure I buy Milner going along with the gangs findings on Munro so readily-he probably was a mere cog as he protested.

Thus far, the only explanation I have for Grant giving the gun to Alice is to do with him recognising the name Letts. The scene and the Ep muddled to a very incoherent conclusion, as if the first scene of Ep 5 has to be the same one almost.
I agree. Man, I'm enjoying this show . I like a show that keeps me guessing. Hopefully, we will start getting some answers though.
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