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Duh! Next you'll be telling us that East Germany and the USSR never existed.

(And Richard, me correcting your basic errors is not ire, it's doing you a favour.)
How very patronising you are.

Going back to my original post regarding Yugoslavia and also Switzerland and the loose tie up with Scott Fitzgerald (God it seems a lifetime ago) and the Eurovision he did a decade later, have you actually got no sense of humour at all? It was made as a good natured light hearted comment, not in the black and white charmless way you seem to read peoples contributions, like mine at times. Lighten up...please!

The break up of Yugoslavia into its more natural components is one of the reasons we find it harder to win that thing nowadays, as well as bad music choices! Likewise with the old USSR for that matter. Yes, they were nation states, but artificial ones, like many say Belgium is for example. This is a discussion for elsewhere!

OK Pete?
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