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Anyone think that the names of Jessica and Arby having the rabbit connection is just a co-incidence?
I just think it's interesting that we got a reveal of Arby's real name, Pyotr (Peter).
Jessica Rabbit and Peter Rabbit.

Also what are the chances that there is an Alice in Wonderland connection?
We have a character named Alice.
And Alice went down the rabbit hole.
Maybe Alice committing such a violent act as she did was the descent into the rabbit hole?
Maybe simply by reading the comic is a descent into the rabbit hole and things become a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Why rabbit? Is it because rabbits are something to hunt?
Maybe as in Alice in Wonderland the rabbit leads one down a path into a different reality?

Have you bought my "Donaldson is the Mad Hatter" line yet? Just watch the scene in the previous episode where he's running away from Dugdale down corridors

His whole performance in Ep 4 reeked of "of course, we're all mad here"

Not to mention the rabbit outside the comic store in Ep1-that was just another reference though, it had no other deeper implications.
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