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Anyone think that the names of Jessica and Arby having the rabbit connection is just a co-incidence?
I just think it's interesting that we got a reveal of Arby's real name, Pyotr (Peter).
Jessica Rabbit and Peter Rabbit.

Also what are the chances that there is an Alice in Wonderland connection?
We have a character named Alice.
And Alice went down the rabbit hole.
Maybe Alice committing such a violent act as she did was the descent into the rabbit hole?
Maybe simply by reading the comic is a descent into the rabbit hole and things become a self-fulfilling prophecy?

Why rabbit? Is it because rabbits are something to hunt?
Maybe as in Alice in Wonderland the rabbit leads one down a path into a different reality?
Interesting thoughts and observations. I think one possibility concerning the rabbit connection could be that Jessica and Arby are actually both of Mr Rabbit's children.
Also concerning Alice, maybe she's the key to finding Mr Rabbit? She's the only one who can go down the rabbit hole so to speak. Seeing as she read the comic, it's possible she knows something about Mr Rabbit the others don't.

I'm with your on the idea that by reading the comic, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. I think Arby read his own future in the comic and is attempting to embrace it by contacting Jessica - their stories are obviously linked. Arby realised he had a different role to play than the one he has been playing for years as a Network lackey.

As for the rabbit hole, it could be that by finding Mr Rabbit, they are going to be lead down the rabbit hole so to speak to a different reality - meaning a new "utopian" future which the Network are trying to achieve? Or maybe the meaning is more literal... maybe an alternate reality? There have been a few references in the show about "reality", especially in Episode 1 when Wilson described the comic as "a doorway into reality" - what does that mean? I'm just rambling here, sorry .
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